When Clothes Fit, It Empowers You

Because You Matter

Enhance Lift Up 1.
Bra Pattern

Inspired by the 3D Bra design, we created a technologically advanced micro grading pattern to give your butt the 'oomph' it deserves. US sizes 10-22 with 2 hip options. Your absolute perfect fit!

Enhance Lift Up 2.
Yoga Pant Lining

We want your butt to breathe. Hidden in the back pocket is a yoga pant lining that expands to make extra room for you. Soft stretchy colored fabric that highlights your peach. It moulds, elevates and accentuates.

Enhance Lift Up 3.
Waist Strings

We know your body. We know the dreaded gap that forms when you sit and we have a solution. Our waist strings reduce the gap between your waist and hip, no matter how big your peach! Snatch that waist.